St.John’s College, Durham University

The conference will be held at St.John’s College, one of the 16 colleges of Durham University.

Funded in 1909, St. John’s  is one of the oldest colleges of Durham, located in the town centre, a stone’s throw from Durham Castle and Cathedral, overlapping the Durham World Heritage Site.

The college was originally created to provide an opportunity for prospective ordinands in the Church of England to receive a University education outside Oxford or Cambridge. It became a full constituent college of the University of Durham in 1923, but remains independent of it both administratively and financially.

From earliest days a small number of non-ordinands were also admitted to the student body, although the proportion of non-Theologians remained very small until the 1950s. In 1958 a separate hall within College, Cranmer Hall, was formed for ministerial training. Cranmer Hall has been a recognised Anglican theological college ever since.

The remaining “Junior Hall”, now known as John’s Hall, has grown much larger than Cranmer and admits students reading for the whole range of University degrees.

More information about the College can be found here.


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